Energy Smart® Electric Water Heater

Reduces Off -Cycle Energy Costs by as Much as 30% When Operating in the Energy Smart® Mode


Touch Screen Electronic User Interface - with easy to set temperature setting and safety lock feature

Operating Modes - homeowner choice of operating modes to include energy saving Energy Smart® mode, which intelligently reacts to homeowner hot water use patterns to reduce standby heat loss; Vacation mode saves money while you are away

Diagnostic Feedback Via User Interface - status codes communicated on LCD screen

Electronic Thermostat - superior to conventional electromechanical thermostats in reliability and precision

Smart Grid Ready - adapter positions water heater for future utility management

Dry Fire Protection - ensures installer/homeowner does not accidentally burn out the upper element when power is turned on, if the water level in the tank is not full

Premium Stainless Steel Heating Elements - more efficient and last longer than conventional elements

Self Cleaning Dip Tube - helps avoid sediment in tank, ensuring long tank life and optimal efficiency

2” Environmentally Friendly Non-CFC Foam Insulation - reduces standby heat loss

9-Year or 12-Year Warranty

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Energy Smart® Electric

Electronic User Interface

user interface
Diagnostic Reporting Monitors:
  1. Dry-Fire Detection
  2. Electronic Thermostat Failure
  3. Lower Thermistor Failure
  4. Upper Element Failure
  5. Lower Element Failure
  6. Energy Smart® Module Defective

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