Energy Efficient Gas Water Heaters

The most efficient and advanced conventional vent water heater on the market


Energy Efficient Gas Water Heaters featuring an energy factor of .67

  • Unique design captures escaping hot combustion gases to heat stored water longer
  • Available in 40- and 50-gallon models
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • 6- and 9-year tank and parts limited warranty
  • Advanced electronic gas control valve assures tighter temperature control
  • Electronic ignition
  • Requires standard 120V electric supply (includes 10’ power cord)

How It Works
ENERGY STAR® qualified Energy Efficient Gas water heaters are more efficient than conventional gas water heaters thanks to the automatic flue damper and electronic gas valve. The damper opens prior to pilot ignition, under control of the intelligent micro-processor built into the electronic gas valve. After the damper opens and the pilot sequence is complete, the burner ignites and exhaust gases travel up the internal flue tube and out of the water heater. The powered damper closes once the heater satisfies, eliminating air flow through the flue tube to reduce heat loss and optimize efficiency. The damper and electronics are powered by a low voltage 24 volt transformer that gets its power through a 10 foot conventional power cord that plugs into a household 110/120VAC outlet.

Energy Star

High Efficiency Gas Water Heater

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