Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

More Capacity. More Savings.

HPWH Sales Rev1A USCraftmaster
  * 60 Gallon No Longer in Production


  • ENERGY STAR® qualifies for Federal Tax Credit
  • Easy-to-Use Touch Pad - So Simple, No Explanation is Necessary
  • Zero Maintenance Powered Anode Rod Never Needs Replacement
  • Innovative Design to Extract Heat from Even the Most Extreme Geographies
  • Water Temperature Ranges from 95° F to 150° F
  • Washable, Horizontally Side-Mounted Air Filter for Easy Access
  • Efficient Enough for Payback in Less Than Three Years Versus a Traditional 80-Gallon Water Heater
  • 10-Year Tank and Parts Warranty

Four Operating Modes

  1. Efficient - This mode uses the heat pump technology to heat water and maximize your savings.
  2. Hybrid - By combining both the heat pump technology and high efficiency heating elements, you save money and quickly enjoy hot water again even after long showers or baths.
  3. Conventional - This setting suspends the heat pump during periods when there is little available heat, such as unconditioned spaces in extreme winter cold snaps.
  4. Vacation - This is the perfect setting for minimizing costs when you are out of town, while also preventing damage that can be caused by freezing.
Electric Heat Pump

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